About Us


Built upon the solid roots of the Florim Group based
in Italy, Florim USA is committed to
continued technological innovation and to
producing timeless and sustainable porcelain prod-

Florim USA is one of the largest and
most technologically advanced
porcelain facilities in North America and
has been owned by the Florim Group
since 2000.

The Florim Group (parent company) is located in the
heart of the Sassuolo industrial district in Italy and is
renowned as a leader in the global ceramic sector.


Investment in technology
$60 millin 2012

100%production waste recycling



Building upon the roots of the Italy-based Florim Group,
Florim USA is committed to the continued technological
innovation of its processes to create products that
increasingly meet the demands of the market.

In the past 10 years Florim has consistently made
investments to keep productive and corporate structures
up-to-date and provide customers the tools to continue to
grow and be successful in the market.

Florim USA is committed to the environment and always
observes environmental regulations through certified quality
management systems and ecological processes.



Florim USA’s mission is to be
committed to continued technological

Florim USA believes its customers are the
foundation for our continued success and the
Company strives to provide them with improved
service and support by staying at the forefront of
product innovation in today’s complex market.

“Our American site is giving us great satisfaction, I am proud to have among our brand Florim USA and a staff capable of enhancing the Italian style with a typically American production”

Dott. Claudio Lucchese,
President Florim Group



Florim USA is more than just a company name; it
is a residential and commercial brand that
promises people in the American market a
timeless and sustainable product offering.

Florim USA is proud to be
a Made in the USA product
with an exclusive Italian


  • Age-old Italian craftsmanship
  • Modern production processes
  • Marketing know-how and design
  • Manufacturing experience


In 2010, Florim USA was one of the first American
companies to introduce HDG (High Definition
Graphic) technology.

In 2012, the Company announced that it would
begin a sixty million dollar renovation project to
continue to be one of the most technologically
advanced facilities in North America.

The continuous improvement efforts
are ongoing and the results are
evident when you look at the volume
and the quality of the tile that is
produced out of the Clarksville,
Tennessee factory.

Investment in technology

$60 mill

for renovation within our facility



Our manufacturing facility is located in Clarksville,
Montgomery County, TN, within 500 miles of
34% of the US population*. The strategic
location in the south east of the United States
allows our plant and warehouse to be near 5
major interstates, saving time, money, and

The production space consists of six operations:
body preparation, glaze preparation, press,
glazing, kiln, and selection. The process is
considered “closed-loop”, because all waste
generated throughout the six operations is
recycled back through the system.

*2014 statistics



Our excellent Quality System allows the
company to proudly obtain the ISO 9001:2008
certification, measured and controlled
through periodical External – Internal Audits and
reviews by Senior management.

We are always engaged in
producing high quality products for
our customers in an efficient and
environmentally sustainable
manner, aiming at technological
advances and best management

Florim - bsi

Our certifying agency, BSI Management Systems,
successful since 1901, has led the way in developing
management systems standards, as a global provider of
management systems assessment, certification and
training services.



A career at Florim USA may be your answer.

We are always looking for
talented, skilled team
players who are excited
about making a difference in
our company.

We work diligently at keeping a safe work
environment for our employees while ensuring that
everyone gets the proper training required. Florim
USA is dedicated to preserving our environment in
many processes throughout our plant.

If you can see yourself working with other team
players and enjoying the benefits Florim USA has
to offer, you may send us your CV or also apply in
person at 300 International Blvd., Clarksville,
TN 37040

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Send your resume now!

Florim USA values the health and well being of its team members!

We take very good care of our people – their health, their finances and family. In other words, all the things that matter.

Florim USA offers competitive salaries and a complete BENEFITS PACKAGE that includes:

  • Great benefits for your health, finances and families
  • 401k Retirement Plan
  • Vacation up to 4 weeks per year
  • 9 Paid Holidays per year
  • Educational Assistance
  • Employee Discounts on tile
  • Discounts with Clarksville Athletic Club and YMCA

… and MUCH MORE!