Evolution is the gradual change of something from a simple to a more complex form.  The crisp veining and bold shading of Evolution are the perfect example of how digital technology has revolutionized the tile industry; bringing clarity to what was once a blur.

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Bringing a brighter and bolder color pallet to what was once uniform, Evolution is the perfect word to describe this amazing product.

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Specification referenceE.N. 14411 . Appendix G. Group BⅠa. GLTest methodReference valueDeclared value
Dynamic coefficient of frictionANSI-137-1-MEETS REQUIREMENT 
Chemical resistanceASTM-650-NOT AFFECTED 
Resistance to freezeASTM-C1026-RESISTANT 
Surface abrasionASTM-C1027-PEI IV-V 
Stain ResistanceASTM-C1378-NOT AFFECTED 
Water absorptionASTM-C373-MEETS REQUIREMENT 
Breaking strengthASTM-C648-≥ 400